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Office kitchen with white brick walls, a window, and minimalist decor.

How to Bring Minimalist Design to the Workplace

For many companies, they want to keep their offices clean and simple. Minimalist style is a very  popular trend for offices and it’s easy to understand why. For many people, a work environment that doesn’t have a lot of clutter helps them better focus on their work and feel less stressed overall. Plus there are lots of offices out there that make minimal design look amazing. Love the idea of bringing minimalist design in your space? Here’s how to make it work. 

Office lounge setting next to large windows.Lots of Natural Light

No matter what your style of decor you want in your office, people love working in spaces with lots of access to natural lighting. But if you’re embracing minimalist design in your office, having big windows not only gives people the light they need, they help make spaces feel more open and inviting. 

Office conference room decorated in white and gray tones.Neutral Colors

Neutral color palettes are a staple of minimalist decor. Whites, light grays, and earth tones are all popular choices for wall colors, especially when paired with light colored flooring. These colors help spaces feel more open and can have a calming effect on people. While neutral colors are popular for walls and floors, you can still add some pops of brighter colors here and there to add some visual interest to the space. 

A woman opens a locker with a wood front panel.Image: Mikhail Nilov / Pexels

Storage & Organization

Having the right storage for your space is an essential part of minimalist design. Even if you’re dedicated to keeping as little clutter as possible around the office, people will still need to have things at their desks to help them work effectively, like notepads, pens, and paper. Making sure every workstation has organizational tools will be very helpful in keeping your space stay organized. Another idea is to install lockers where people can store their personal belongings during the day, keeping them both safe and out of sight. Office supplies and other resources that people need to access during the day could be stored in cabinets and other enclosed styles of shelving. Cable management tools and covers are another great option to consider. 

An abstract black and white painting in an office reception area.

Add Some Art

Going minimalist with your office decor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your walls completely bare. While you may not want to go for something big like a bold wall mural, having some art to display on your walls is still a great idea. You just may want to be very mindful about the pieces you choose to display so that your walls have some interest without being too busy. 

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