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Space in an open office full of collaborative tables.

All About Acoustic Baffles & Solutions

Getting the acoustics of an office just right can be a challenge. On one hand, having to listen to things like conversations can be distracting to people who are trying to focus on their work, so it’s important to have some measures in place to help keep the noise down. But on the other hand, you don’t want to completely eliminate noise because environments that are too quiet can feel unnatural and uncomfortable. 

When it comes to controlling the acoustics of an office, companies have a lot of different options to consider. One very popular option is to provide spaces like privacy pods, phone booths, and other enclosed spaces where people can go when they either want to block out noise or to have conversations without bothering others. While those types of spaces are effective at containing noise and giving people privacy when they need it, people don’t necessarily want to spend all of their time working in them. With how common it is now for people to move around the office during the day, it’s important to make sure you have solutions in place throughout the office that can control noise. That’s where acoustic baffles can help. 

Long meeting table in an open office with white acoustic panels suspended above it.
Acoustic baffles are panels that can be attached to walls or ceilings and are made with materials that absorb noise instead of reflecting it, such as PET felt and foam core. Since offices are often full of hard surfaces that reflect noise, like the surfaces of desks, hard floors, and large windows, installing acoustic baffles can be an effective way to introduce some surfaces that will help dampen noise and make the space more comfortable. 

If you’re worried that acoustic baffles might look bland and utilitarian, you might be surprised by how decorative they can actually be. There are lots of beautiful options on the market, including colorful wall panels and ceiling baffles arranged in geometric patterns. Some companies have even created full accent walls with sound absorbing materials that are both functional and stylish. 

Small square meeting tables in an office under a ceiling with PET felt acoustic tiles.
In addition to baffles, acoustic ceiling tiles can be another option worth considering. PET felt tiles, for example, can attach to existing grids for drop ceilings and are also available in a very wide range of styles to complement your office decor. Or if you love the idea of having an open ceiling, there are spray-on products like cellulose insulation and cementitious spray that can help with noise control without interfering with the look of an open ceiling. 

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