Premier Construction & Design has delivered excellent results since 1987.  Premier has achieved these results across a wide variety of projects by utilizing the latest design and construction techniques, as well as a vast supplier and vendor network, and an experienced design and construction team.

Premier Construction & Designs’ focus on the Design/Build & Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model has also led to our continued success.  At the very core of our processes, IPD provides the transparency that allows our clients, and project stakeholders to realize accurate project costs and delivery timing earlier in the life of a project.  Additionally, regular communications allow for a rapid and thorough design process that better identifies, and mitigates project risks at the onset, and throughout the lifecycle of a project.  Overall, Premier Construction & Design takes a proactive approach to the entire design and construction process to ensure that projects are delivered successfully.   

Integrated Project Team

Single source of accountability. We are one team and a successful project that is on-time, within budget, and to the client’s expectations are our shared goals.

Improved Communication

The designer and builder are on the same team. Talking through the projects at every step of the design project allows issues to surface sooner and be resolved with the hopes of causing minimal delays to the project timing and any budget issues.

Value Engineering

Cost discussions begin sooner in the project’s life cycle to provide realistic budgets and value engineering exercises before construction documentation.

Fast Project Completion

Time frames can be reduced because the bidding period is minimized, long lead items can be purchased prior to drawing completion, and potential construction problems can be realized sooner with an integrated team.

Clear Project Objectives

With all stakeholders involved at the programming stage of the project, a clear direction and cost constraints are established from the start.

Quality Control

No lengthy specifications that could cost the client more money. Since the designer and builder are from the same company, creating specifications are focused on the clients’ interests with value in mind.