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A row of gray lockers along a white wall.

The Benefits of Lockers in the Office

Lockers aren’t just for schools and gyms anymore. Over the past few years, lockers have become an increasingly popular feature in office spaces. 

As companies make the switch to hybrid work models, they also often say goodbye to the concept of assigned workstations. When many people who work for a company are only in the office on a part-time basis, having assigned workstations tends to lead to a lot of space going underutilized so it makes sense to let people have the flexibility to choose where they work each day. However, while unassigned workstations may be practical, they also pose a problem for storage. 

When people have assigned workstations, they tend to simply leave their personal items at their desks all day. But when people don’t have an assigned workstation, what storage options do they have? If a person moves around between various spaces in an office during the day, carrying their personal items around with them might not be very convenient. They also don’t have a place to leave things behind at the end of each day if they’d like to. Providing lockers is an excellent way to solve this problem. Not only do they offer people a way to store their belongings during the work day, lockers can have other benefits in the workplace. 

Woman opens a locker in an office space and looks inside. Image: Pexels / Mikhail Nilov

Extra Security

Even when people trust their colleagues, it’s good to have the peace of mind of knowing that their belongings are fully protected while they work. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but workplace theft does occur and both employees and employers alike can become victims. For workers, lockers can mean not having to worry about accidentally leaving a purse behind somewhere or that their cash might suddenly disappear when they aren’t looking. But for employers, lockers can also be used to limit access to things like important documents, office supplies, or other items that tend to go missing. 

Remember, theft of data is also a type of workplace theft. The extra security lockers have to offer can be particularly important for companies where client data confidentiality needs to be a big priority. For example, if someone wants to leave the office during their lunch break, laptops or any other electronic devices used for client work can simply be placed in lockers so that they aren’t taken out of the office and won’t be used by anyone who shouldn’t be using them. 

A collection of lockers with wood doors in the corner of an office. Hiding Clutter

Clutter has long been a common issue in offices, particularly open plan offices where items kept on desktops aren’t hidden by the walls of cubicles or private offices. When people have access to lockers, a lot of things people would normally keep at their desks, like coats and bags, are kept out of sight and the only things people have out with them are things that they actively need. 

Decorative Potential

Office lockers can be a lot more fashionable than the boring, utilitarian lockers you might remember from high school. There are lots of very stylish locker options available and can be customized to match your decor or to reflect your company’s branding. Not only can lockers be practical and functional, they can make a great visual statement in your office.

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