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Maximizing Your Budget for an Office Renovation

Every business is going to need something unique out of their office renovation. But whether it’s a renovation for a small business or a large corporation, one thing each project will have in common is having a limited budget to work with. Some companies will have larger budgets than others, but there will still be a limit and it’s always a good idea to use that budget as wisely as possible. So what are the smartest ways to stretch those dollars? 

Focus on Your Priorities

With so many things to think about during your renovation, a good place to start is by thinking about what your big must-haves are. What are the things that would help resolve pain points employees deal with every day or would best help your company reach its goals? Thinking about your priorities will help you figure out which things are most worth spending money on and where you might be able to find some opportunities to save. For example, a company renovating or moving into a building that looks dated inside and out might make an exterior and lobby update a priority to freshen a visitor’s first impression, but choose to phase the interior of their space as additional funds are available. 

Think About Reuse

Very often, even if an office space is getting a major overhaul, there will still be some things about it that can be reused. The biggest savings will be keeping as many existing walls as possible to avoid the domino effect of Electrical, HVAC and sprinkler re-work, which can have a large price tag.  On a smaller, but still notable scale, if you’d like your new space to have a nice break room/kitchen area, placing it in an area with existing plumbing work will save a lot of money compared to having plumbing installed in a new location. Finding those opportunities to make use of things that are already available can be an excellent way to cut significant costs. 

Material Matters

When you’re thinking about the types of materials used in a commercial renovation, it might initially seem like a good idea to pick the least expensive option whenever possible as a way to help stretch the budget. But keep in mind that the least expensive materials often tend to be the least durable and will likely need to be replaced or repaired faster than other options. Be sure to think about where a certain material will be used. For example, if you’re thinking about material that will be used in a hallway that gets lots of foot traffic, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more up front on a more durable material and consider less expensive options for areas that aren’t used as much.  Carpet tiles in lieu of broadlooms have become popular in high traffic areas.  Buildings keep stock of extra tiles and replace them if they become damaged beyond repair.   Another cost saver to consider is looking at a Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank in lieu of a ceramic tile at lobbies or break rooms, which traditionally is your most expensive flooring option, due to the labor.  LVT can provide a higher end look with a more manageable price point.   

Work With Professionals

Planning and overseeing an office renovation is a big job, especially when you have all of your other day-to-day work to focus on as well. Working with a design/build construction firm can help take some of that work off your plate while also helping you identify areas where you can save money without sacrificing quality and avoiding costly delays. Experienced firms will know all the ins and outs to make sure your job is handled as efficiently as possible 

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