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What is Space Programming?

When you hear the word “programming,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you think of computer systems or perhaps shows that air on television. But did you know that programming can also be part of the process of planning an office renovation?

Space programming is a very important part of the renovation process because it serves as the basis for all decisions made for the project. It’s the process of figuring out the needs and wants of a space to support those utilizing it. Every company has its own unique needs. Even if a renovation firm has experience working with other companies in the same industry, a new client could need something different from another client they’ve worked with before. For example, if one company does hybrid work and another doesn’t, they’re going to engage with their workplaces very differently even if both companies do similar types of work. 

Space programming takes place before any design work begins and involves working with company leaders, stakeholders, and others involved with the renovation process so that they can learn more about things like the company itself, its daily operations. Other people who might be involved with this process could be team/department leaders, technology officers, and maintenance employees. Or if a project involves creating specialized spaces, such as lab areas or patient care rooms, space programming can involve meeting with someone who can help the design team understand the unique needs of those spaces. 

During the programming process, the firm can learn about everything from the company’s history and future plans for growth to overall goals for the project and details about day-to-day operations. Important details that should be covered include: 

  • How many people need to be accommodated, including part-time employees, temporary workers, and interns
  • Which teams need to be located close to each other
  • Needs for private offices
  • Equipment and IT needs 
  • Storage needs 
  • Amenities other types of spaces to include

Careful planning early in the process is key to ensuring the overall success of the project. When the design and renovation team is able to start out with a strong understanding of what needs to be accomplished, they’ll be better equipped to create a space that meets the client’s needs and make sure it will continue to support the company for years to come. It also helps renovation projects stay on track by eliminating the need to make changes later on, which can be expensive and cause delays. 

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