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Groups of tables with chairs placed around them in an office meeting area.

Designing an Office to Inspire Creative Thinking

What inspires the creative process? That’s not always an easy question to answer. Everyone is likely to have a unique answer and even then, people might feel inspired by different things on different days. But one thing people likely agree on is that it’s not always easy to feel creative when you’re under pressure to be creative. People would also likely agree that some environments can feel more inspiring than others, which leads us to the question of how to create a space that can be inspiring to many different people. 

Two sofas with high backs in an office lounge.Comfortable Seating

Another thing people are very likely to agree on is that it’s hard to come up with new and exciting ideas if you’re not comfortable. Whether someone is working alone at their workstation or talking with colleagues in a break-out area or office lounge, uncomfortable furniture can easily become the focus of a person’s attention rather than the idea they’re supposed to be working toward.

It’s important to note that for some people, being comfortable might mean taking a break from sitting all together. Sit-to-stand desks have become very popular over the past few years for many different reasons, including the fact that many people are most comfortable if they switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. As an added benefit, many people also feel that working while standing helps them be more productive and creative throughout the day. 

Private meeting area in an office with glass walls and sofas. A Variety of Spaces

When someone is stuck for an idea, a little change of scenery may be just what they need to get their creative energies moving again. Maybe they might be tempted to relocate over to a nearby coffee shop or take a quick walk through the neighborhood to refresh their mind. When offices have a variety of spaces to work in, such as lounges, cafes, and private meeting areas, in addition to their main workstations, people have a way to enjoy a little change of scenery without having to leave the office. 

Arcade in an office game room.Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Have you ever spent a bunch of your time trying to solve an issue at work, only to suddenly have the solution come to you at the end of the day, after you’ve gone home and had some time to relax for a while? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Very often, people feel most creative when they’re in a more relaxed mindset. This is a big reason why informal offices with features like game rooms are so commonly associated with big tech companies who want to be seen as innovators. 

In addition to amenities like game rooms, creating a laid-back atmosphere in the workplace can include things like living room-style furniture in lounge areas around the office. Another great idea to consider is decorating an office using elements that have been linked to lower stress levels, like plants and calming colors such as green and blue. 

Table and chairs in a meeting room with wall-mounted TV and whiteboard.Tools to Support Creativity

For some people, working creatively may require some tools to help. Any space designed for people to collaborate should be equipped with key resources that will help people work, such as whiteboards and markers, access to electrical outlets, and video displays to share information from computers. 

Office conference room with tables and chairs arranged around a TV monitor.Keep it Flexible

When groups of people are trying to collaborate, their needs from a space can change quickly. Maybe they suddenly need an extra seat for someone who just joined the group or need to rearrange a meeting area so that people can work together more effectively. For spaces that are intended for collaboration, look for things like lightweight furniture that can easily be moved around, multi-functional furniture, and portable privacy screens. 

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