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Blue sofas in an office lounge with yellow throw pillows and tall light blue partitions behind them.

Top Office Design Trends for 2022

Happy new year, everyone! As we begin 2022, going to work each day still looks very different than it did a couple of years ago. But that doesn’t mean office design trends have become a thing of the past. In fact, several workplace design trends that were popular pre-pandemic have become more popular throughout the pandemic. If you’re thinking about renovating your office in the new year, but need a little design inspiration, here are a few key trends to consider. 

An office setting with workstations next to a collaborative area.Flexibility is a Must

Flexible office design has been in high demand for the past several years, but the coronavirus pandemic has made it more important than ever. Many companies have been transitioning to hybrid work models, which significantly impacts the way an office space is used. Flexible design makes it easy for a space to keep up with needs that may vary from day-to-day. For example, an office might be used primarily by people who are working by themselves one day, but used for a larger team meeting the next. 

Office lounge with light gray sofa and yellow throw pillows and a yellow lounge chair.Embracing the Comforts of Home

After spending so much time working from home, it’s only natural that a crossover between commercial and residential design would become a more popular idea. This concept, known as resimercial design, is another workplace design trend that’s been very influential in recent years, but has gained even more steam during the pandemic. Being productive doesn’t necessarily mean being uncomfortable, so why not bring some of the more comfortable parts of being at home, like cozy sofas and lounge chairs, into the workplace so that you can have the best of both worlds?

Acoustic panels suspended above tables in an office.Acoustic Controls

When people are working in an office, they don’t want to be distracted by noise occurring around the office. Excessive noise has long been a common workplace complaint, but many companies are making it a priority to help bring the problem under control. With how many options for acoustic controls are now available, keeping noise levels down can be both stylish and functional. 

Privacy pod in an office.Partitions & Pods

Partitions can serve many different purposes in an office. Throughout the pandemic, plexiglass desk partitions have been a popular addition as a way to help minimize the spread of germs while working. Other styles of desk partitions can also be used to add a sense of privacy in open office environments. Portable partitions, for instance, can make a great tool to have in flexible spaces since they let people add privacy and space definition anywhere it’s needed. Privacy pods have also been in high demand as companies look for ways to add options for privacy in open offices.

A lounge setting with brown sofas next to a conference room.Neutral Colors

In terms of decor, neutral colors are expected to be in high demand. Think warm grays, sage greens, creamy whites, and lovely taupes. Neutrals will always be in style and can provide a beautiful contrast to bolder colors, giving you lots of options to add visual interest to your space. 

An office reception area with wood panels and live plants in the wall.Wellness in the Workplace

With the pandemic still a major issue as we head into 2022, wellness in the workplace remains extremely important. This can range from pandemic-related measures like desk partitions, hand sanitizing stations, and outdoor meeting areas to supporting wellness in other ways, like improving access to natural light. Biophilic design remains highly popular for its ability to help bring down stress levels. 

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