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What to Look for in an Office Renovation Company

Planning an office renovation is a big job. You need to think about things like your overall goals for the space, the features and amenities you want, and your overall style of decor. But first you need to find the right office renovation company who can help make it all happen. Given how important renovations are to companies, nobody wants to end up partnering with a renovation firm that is difficult to work with or doesn’t deliver the results you wanted. So what should you look for to make sure you choose a good one?

Experience & Past Projects

When you’re trying to choose which contractor to work with on your project, past experience should be a big priority. You want to choose a company that has a solid track record of completing renovations comparable to yours that their clients are satisfied with. If you’re interested in checking a company’s references or examples of past projects they’ve worked on, a reputable firm will be glad to provide them. 

Licensing & Insurance

In addition to experience, it’s extremely important to make sure the company you work with is fully licensed and insured. Construction work can involve a lot of risks for things like property damage and worker injuries and working with a firm that carries insurance will protect you from liability if something goes wrong. And working with licensed contractors helps ensure that you will receive quality work.

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Look at the Details

When you’re getting quotes from various companies and are in the process of trying to decide which one to work with, don’t forget to pay very close attention to what, exactly, is included in each quote. Very often, price can be a deciding factor, but you don’t want to find out the hard way that the reason a company’s quote is low is because they left out important services or because they’re planning to use low quality materials that will wear out faster. Or if the estimate of a cost isn’t capped, there’s a chance that the estimated price could end up being more expensive than you expected. 

Clear Communication

With how important your project is, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re being out of the loop. If you feel like you aren’t getting clear answers to your questions or if a company doesn’t respond quickly when you contact them, that can be a red flag that comes up early in the process. 

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Can They Meet Your Needs?

Commercial renovations can pose some very unique challenges, not just in terms of project goals but in terms of logistics. For example, this might mean work can only be done during certain times of day to avoid business interruptions. Or perhaps there is a specific deadline you need work to be completed by. In any case, you need to make sure the company you choose to work with is capable of accommodating those types of logistical needs. 

Services Offered

As you look for a firm to work with, remember that they don’t necessarily all offer the same services. Not all contractors offer Design/Build solutions, which can mean added costs elsewhere in the process. For instance, many who do not provide drawing services will want something to create bids off of and eventually build from, if awarded the job. Keep this added expense in mind if you reach out to both Design/Build and traditional General Contractors, who will require you hire your own design/architectural team. 

Contact Premier Construction & Design

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