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When is it Better to Renovate an Office Instead of Reconfiguring?

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At some points in life, people will inevitably reach a point where they have to decide whether it makes more sense to fix what they have to make it work better or to start over to fix a bigger problem. Maybe you’ve had a car that had you questioning whether you should spend more money on repairs instead of buying a new one. A similar thing can occur with office spaces.

Businesses frequently grow and change, so even if an office space was perfect for a company when they first moved in, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will always be an ideal fit. Eventually, they may need to make some small changes to make the space more functional or start considering a renovation, either for their existing space or in a new space, to solve larger problems. So how do you know whether it’s better to reconfigure your space or renovate?

Office Reconfiguration Vs. Office Renovation

Office reconfiguration is all about making smaller changes to a space, such as reworking up your layout to improve workflow or to make better use of spaces that are going underutilized. Even though office reconfigurations are generally focused on making the most of what you already have, they often also involve making some light decor changes to refresh the appearance of the space, like replacing worn furniture and repainting the walls, or making some other updates, like upgrading video conferencing equipment. 

Renovation focuses more on making substantial changes to an office interior. Perhaps structural changes need to be made for the space to better support your company’s needs or to modernize the space and make it more energy efficient. Or if you’re having a difficult time attracting or retaining talent, a renovation could allow you create a space that helps you be more competitive in your industry. 

Should I Renovate or Reconfigure?

Of those options, reconfiguring an existing space is the fastest and more budget friendly solution, so it’s understandable that companies would prefer going that route if possible. Given the limited nature of office reconfigurations, they’re an ideal option if your space is still in good shape overall, but could benefit from a bit of a refresh. 

If there are larger problems that need to be dealt with, a renovation will help you resolve those problems and create an environment that better meets the long-term needs of your company. For example, if a company is going through a rapid period of growth, reconfiguring a space as new people join the team will only help to a certain point before bigger space becomes necessary. Renovating a new office space would help ensure they have room to grow in the future. Office renovations can seem like an overwhelming project, but it can result in significant benefits like improved productivity, stronger company culture, and improved morale and engagement. 

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