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Graffiti art decorates the walls of a stairway.

The Importance of Art in the Workplace

When companies decide to renovate their offices, changing up the overall look of the space is often just as important as adding practical features. Very often, this means adding some new eye-catching artwork around the office, like a colorful mural painted on a wall, some beautiful framed photography, or something else entirely, like a sculpture. 

But art can be so much more than something that’s just nice to have around the office. It can potentially be a real standout feature of your space and make a difference that goes beyond aesthetics. 

Conference room with graffiti style art on the wall.Company Culture

Artwork can be a great way to make a statement about your company. Are you more traditional and classic or more laidback and playful? Do you have strong ties to the local community? The art displayed in an office is a great way to help introduce your company to visitors and clients and reinforce company culture among employees. 

For example, a company who is actively involved in their community might want to display photographs of the area or artwork made by local artists. Or a company that manufactures certain types of products could commission a piece of art made with some of those products to display in their corporate office. There are so many fun and creative ways art can be used to reinforce branding. 

Improved Morale

No matter how busy a workday is, it’s always important to take some time to stop, relax just a little bit, and appreciate your surroundings, even if for just a brief moment. Displaying art around the workplace gives people a perfect opportunity to do just that. Many studies have shown that art in the workplace can be helpful in reducing stress levels and helping people feel mentally refreshed. 

In one 2019 survey, 53% of respondents said that art being displayed in the office made them feel happier and 50% said that art has a noticeable effect on bringing down stress levels. Art that features images of nature can be particularly helpful in making people feel more relaxed and revived. 

Art showing people with musical instruments decorates the wall of a recording studio.Inspires Creative Thinking

When you’re trying to work through a problem or find a new solution, having art around the office can help inspire people to think out of the box. Creative spaces spark creative thinking. In one study by Cass Business School, cited by Cleverism, 54% of women said that art had a moderate-to-big effect on their creativity, as did 47% of men. 

In addition to generally inspiring creative thinking, art can also invite social interaction at work. Often, social conversations end up turning back to work, so it’s very possible that a casual conversation might end up giving someone the idea they need to solve a problem. 


Sometimes, people could use a little help finding their way around an office space. Even if art isn’t used to literally point people in the direction of different areas, it can still help people get where they need to go. Artwork can act as a distinct landmark that people remember as they move around throughout the day. It can also be a helpful point of reference for people trying to give directions to someone else. 

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