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Office lounge area with three wood chairs with orange cushions arranged around a table with a glass top.

The Benefits of Resimercial Design

There’s no place like home, but there’s no denying that work is also a big part of our lives. Enter resimercial design. 

Resimercial design is all about bringing elements of home design into the office. Imagine things like lounge seating that reminds you of your living room seating, comfortable lighting, and spaces with accessories like rugs and lamps — things that create an atmosphere that will have people wishing they could wear their pajama pants to the office. This concept has proven to be very popular among employers and employees alike. For companies that want a casual, laid-back company culture, resimercial design is a perfect way to create the vibe they’re looking for. And employees love being able to spend time in a space that doesn’t feel cold and impersonal. Even though resimercial design is often associated with companies that have younger employees, resimercial design has proven to be very popular across all age groups. 

Over the past few years, resimercial design has been an extremely influential trend in workplace design. But after so many people spent an extended amount of time working from home because of COVID-19, the resimercial design concept could become more popular than ever before. Working from home has its challenges, but resimercial design can be a way to let people have the best of both worlds: the comfortable aspects of being at home without the inconveniences. Embracing resimercial design can also have some other great benefits. 

Office lounge area with blue sofas and yellow throw pillows across from a television.Improved Productivity

Being comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean being unproductive. In fact, many people report that the relaxed atmosphere created by resimercial design helps people be more productive and more creative. 

Very often, offices that incorporate resimercial design have layouts that create different zones for different types of work, giving people the option to choose the space that works best for them. For example, people could get up from their desks and meet in a collaborative area designed to capture the vibe of a living room. Doing this gives people a reason to get up and move around during the day and maximizes use of your available space while the informal atmosphere helps put people at ease so they are able to think more clearly.

Attract & Retain Talent

The design of an office can be an employee benefit unto itself. Nobody wants to spend all day in a space that doesn’t seem comfortable and if people are trying to choose between two job offers, office design may end up being a deciding factor. With how popular the resimercial design concept has been with people of all ages, an office that incorporates resimercial design could be exactly what people are looking for. Not only can this help attract new talent, it can also help encourage existing employees to stay with a company. 

Improved Engagement

When people like the space they work in and feel comfortable there, the more likely they are to come in regularly and feel inspired to do their best work. Improved engagement could be particularly important going forward as a growing number of companies become more flexible about remote working. If given a choice between working remotely and working in the office, having a comfortable place to work in may give people more of an incentive to come into the office. 

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