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Woman wearing a gray shirt raising her arms in front of a yellow wall, showing the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year

Using the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year in the Workplace

After a year like 2020, we’re all feeling lots of things and it’s hard to capture that kind of mood in just one color. So for 2021, Pantone named two colors, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, as their Colors of the Year. 

Gray doesn’t necessarily have to feel cold and unwelcoming. Ultimate Gray is both practical and warm while also giving a message of strength. Illuminating, on the other hand, offers the positive energy that the world needs. While these colors are both beautiful on their own, the combining these two colors sends a message of strength, resilience, and optimism. 

Both Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are very versatile colors to use in the workplace, both individually and paired together. Interested in seeing how these colors could work in your space? Here’s an example of an office lounge we created a few years ago using very similar shades of colors:

Office lounge with gray sofa, yellow chair, and yellow throw pillows.

Shades of yellow, such as Illuminating, can be excellent to use as accent colors throughout an office. Yellow can have a very energizing effect on people, but it can feel overwhelming if it’s overused. Using it in smaller quantities, like the throw pillows and chair pictured above, is just one way it can add a vibrant pop of color to a space. We also love the idea of using yellow to create an accent wall, like this:

Office meeting room featuring a yellow accent wall.

Another idea is to display yellow items on shelves against a gray wall. In this recording studio we worked on, note how the books on the shelves are grouped together by the color of their covers. The bright yellow covers look great against the gray on the walls. 

Recording studio booth with gray walls and books with yellow covers on a shelf.

Love the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year? Premier Construction & Design can work with you to design a workplace that includes Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Contact us today to get started. Or if you’re still looking for some design inspiration, take a look through our portfolio and blog for more ideas.