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PC&D Reno Highlights: Bring Some Green Into Your Space

We all know there are benefits once natural elements are incorporated into any design. No matter if a living wall, faux plants, images of nature or even materials with organic patterns are used, our brains are wired to respond in a positive way. Moods are boosted, productivity is increased and when living plants are introduced, the air we breathe is even cleaner! 

With all its beauty and benefits everyone can agree that nature is spectacular, which is why we brought some shades of green into our showroom. Check out the installation of Reindeer Moss that Caprice with Artscapes created for us. Even within this windowless environment, we feel more connected to the outdoors with this added element!

Feature wall in an office with a combination of wood and moss.Close up showing detail of moss arranged alongside wood panels on a feature wall.

Green Trends:  Artscapes has received many requests to implement plant dividers within existing spaces to assist with the current need for social distancing by creating unique spatial boundaries. 

Room divider in an office featuring plants placed across shelves.Rows of workstations in an office with planters placed at the end of each row.