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The Bold Design Behind The Sussman Agency

Founded in 1987, The Sussman Agency has become one of the boldest and innovative marketing and advertising firms in the country. As the organizational growth over the years has become more aggressive, the firm continues to receive accolades for its cutting-edge style in the industry. With the immense growth they’ve experienced in the last few years, the firm was in need of additional space to intrigue and impress both current and prospective clients. The goal was to create an environment that is sophisticated, modern and bold, embracing everything the agency strives to provide to their clients.

So, what’s a space without a little branding? To brand the additional office space and emphasize the bold, innovative style of the agency, we placed an edgy graffiti design along the wall in the main conference room. This large conference room becomes the hub of innovation and a comfortable setting for clients to enjoy. In addition, a small collaboration zone was added to their space to enhance teamwork and encourage brainstorming through the use of a presentation board layout and analysis.

In an effort to create an easy space for catering and entertaining clients, while still allowing the agency to dive into marketing concepts and advertising strategies, we installed a kitchen in the conference room. Here there is large countertop space and ample amounts of cabinet space to offer a great space for the agencies hosting and entertainment needs.







The key to creating this sort of modern art gallery appeal the agency was in search of was all in the hands of the finish materials. The soft grey and white tones created a sophisticated backdrop making the presentation and pitch the focal point. The employees utilizing the space were given lighting control options throughout. When creating and analyzing their work on the computer, lights could be dimmed or brightened as needed.

Company: The Sussman Agency
Project Type: Construction & Design
Completed By: Meaghan Schoenfeld