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Transforming a Unique Detroit Space into an Intelligent Co-Working Hub

With world-class cloud-based tools and advanced market knowledge, Jato, a global company, was in need of a truly unique and innovative space to work in as one of their North America locations. Previously working in the We Work space in Downtown Detroit, their Detroit team was quickly running out of room and looking for a permanent space where they could accelerate their growth and meet their emergent demands. A building owner, Premier Construction & Design has worked with in the past, brought our team in to finalize the design and build-out the space within the Historic Murphy-Telegraph Building, located on Congress in Downtown Detroit.

With collaboration and flexibility in mind, Jato was in search of an open concept space that offers an abundance of natural light, along with a view of the Detroit skyline. To fully encompass the open concept nature of the coworking space they were accustomed to in the We Work space, we designed the space so that all sit/stand workstation desks were situated in the open area along the exterior windows.

To really bring that feeling of openness throughout the entirety of the space, we partnered with Interior Environments to provide and install the expansive glass walls at the conference rooms, offices, and separate work areas throughout. This provides a sense of separation and privacy for sensitive meetings, while still encouraging the inclusivity of an open concept.

Along with the polished concrete floor that accentuates the tall open ceilings and the immense amount of natural light that radiates through the large glass walls, an operable partition has also been installed in the large conference room to break up the space into smaller areas to provide additional flexibility. The finishing touches to this space include an industrial feel with large pendant light fixtures and exposed ductwork to complement the overall design intent.

Company: Jato
Project Type: Construction & Design
Completed By: Tod Johnston & Meaghan Schoenfeld