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The Sleek, New, State-Of-The-Art Home for The Innovation and Leadership at Boll Filter

As a leader in automatic and manual filtration equipment, it’s only fitting that the design within the space promote innovation and leadership. Looking to the future and their continued global expansion, Boll Filter needed a space that would allow them to do just that.

Prior to this expansion remodel, Boll Filter was using their space for mostly warehouse, with a few offices and staff areas in the front of the building. Their entrance and lack of interior lobby space had no visual impact to attract visiting clients. Raw storage space on the 2nd floor was the ideal place to accommodate their growth needs.

The initial inspiration for the renovation came from the look and feel of the headquarters in Germany. The idea was to create a new, sleek, state-of-the-art space that provided them the ability to grow and connect to the branding of their headquarters. 

Going all out in the renovation, the team opted to open up the ceiling between the two floors to create a dramatic entrance and lobby, highlighting this grand entrance with a two-story graphic wall behind the new industrial style exposed steel and concrete staircase. The graphic includes images of their headquarters in Germany and manufacturing photos along with their corporate logo and colors.

Opening the two floors also created a more welcoming environment for sales meetings and client gathering. It provided space for Boll Filter to host out of town guests and manufacturing events. To fully utilize the existing floor space and tie in the cohesive workstations, they opted to use the second-floor space just off the stairs as an open coffee bar and collaborative area.

Company: Bollfilter

Project Type: Design & Construction

Completed By: Hilary Bell