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Construction Horror Stories: Tales from Premier Construction & Design

Strange things can happen when you spend enough time working in empty buildings and office suites. Even people who spend their entire careers working in construction and design can sometimes be caught off guard by things like dark hallways, eerie noises, and mysterious shadows. As a design-build firm that’s been working since 1987, we’ve heard plenty of creepy stories over the years from members of our team. In honor of Halloween, here are a few of their construction horror stories.

The Mysterious Figure

“While measuring a supposedly vacant suite in a downtown office building, I suddenly saw something in a security mirror down a long hallway. It was the silhouette of a menacing-looking figure lurking at the end of the hallway, illuminated by the dim glow of an emergency light. As I crept down the hall to meet the intruder, I was met by a promotional life-size standee of Arnold Palmer.”

The Locked Door

“After working on a field measurement of a suite on one of the upper floors of the Fisher Building, I needed to quickly double check a dimension on the floor one level below. I figured it would be easier to simply walk down one flight of stairs than catch the elevator. Leaving my coat and other supplies behind, I proceeded to enter the stairwell. As soon as I heard the door click shut behind me, I immediately realized my mistake. I was met by a series of 25 locked doors leading all the way down to the alleyway exit below and into the cold February air.”

Darkness Falls

“We needed to start a service change on a main switch gear in one of our buildings, so we had planned for DTE Energy to come out and shut the power down at 10:00 PM. All of a sudden, all the lights and power went out at 8:00 PM instead, with no DTE representatives around and helicopters circling above us. We fired up our generators and temporary lights and started our work. At 10:00 PM, the DTE representatives showed up as planned to shut the power down for us, but they had no reports of power outages in the area.”

Happy Halloween from Premier Construction & Design! Stay safe and watch out for those locked doors and shadowy figures!