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Finding the Right Layout for Your Office

A well-designed office doesn’t just look great, it needs to be highly functional. In the workplace, every aspect of design should add up to create an environment that fosters work. Comfortable desks and chairs make it easier for people to concentrate on their work while lighting influences both productivity and morale. But without a good office layout, a big piece of the puzzle is missing.

The layout of an office has a significant impact on how people interact with the space and how they work. When the layout of an office is good, you and your employees likely won’t give too much thought to it because everyone is able to go about their days without issue. But when a layout isn’t working out, people will absolutely begin to take notice. So what sorts of things should you consider when planning a layout?


When planning a layout, bringing teams together should be a priority. Even though online messaging tools make it easy for teams to work together even when people are in different locations, it’s often easiest for those who are working on similar tasks to talk directly to each other. Grouping people together based on the type of work they do makes it easy for people to ask questions when necessary and for team leaders to supervise the work of others, helping produce better work.

Access to Resources

What sorts of things do your employees need to be able to do their jobs? Are there any particular things that the company as a whole uses? Or maybe a certain department needs access to tools or equipment that aren’t used by other departments. In either case, it’s very important that everyone can easily access the resources they need to work. If there’s something that’s widely used by the whole office, such as a printer or copy machine, make sure it’s located in a place that’s convenient for everyone. For resources that have more specialized uses, those should be kept near the people who need to use them.

Areas Dedicated to Focus

Although recent trends point toward heavy collaboration, there are still many times when employees may need a more private area. Team members should have the option to find a peaceful nook within the office space that is located away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace. Sometimes all it takes is a secluded corner with partitions rather than a completely separate room with constructed walls.


It’s important to layout your workplace with the future in mind. Office renovation or relocation is not a cheap endeavor and the last thing you want to do is move into a new space and realize it’s already too small. Make sure you think about your future needs and accommodate space not only for future employee workspaces, but also the potential need for additional conference rooms, collaborative areas, or other amenities for the added staff. How far forward should you think? This depends on several factors. Do you plan to lease or buy a space? How long is your lease? How much growth are you expecting? Some should look 6-12 months and others plan out 5 years depending on the above factors.

Workstation Type

Don’t forget to keep in mind the types of workstations your employees will be using. Do you want to have an open-plan office with a benching system, shared desks, or individual desks? Will your employees need cubicles? Do any employees need private offices? Different types of workstations have different planning needs, so it’s important to know early on what needs to be considered.

If your place of business is in need of a redesign, contact Premier Construction & Design to find out the true potential of your current space. Our team of designers can help plan a layout that will inject energy into your work environment and boost productivity.