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Signs it’s Time to Rethink Your Office Design

Sometimes, you just need to change your surroundings. Over time, furniture gets worn out or maybe the overall design might start to look a little dated. But in the workplace, design is anything but superficial and there are times when design issues can cause larger problems that can’t be fixed simply by buying some new furniture or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Here are five signs that your office could benefit from a larger redesign project.

Your Office Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

You put a lot of effort into building your brand and making sure things like your website, advertisements, and business cards reflect that image. Why shouldn’t your offices? An office should say something about the company it houses. When a person visits an office that has been designed to reflect branding, it leaves them with a lasting impression about that company and what their identity is.

You Want to Strengthen Company Culture

Your employees should feel like they’re part of a team, not like they’re just another face in the crowd. Branding in the workplace certainly helps build company culture, but it’s also important that spaces be designed to foster the kind of culture you want to have. For example, if you want to improve teamwork and camaraderie, redesigning your space to encourage movement would be a great idea. When people move around during the day, it’s easier for them to naturally get into conversations with their coworkers. Or if you want to have a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere, creating casual lounges with comfortable sofas and chairs would be worth looking into.

You’re Having Trouble Attracting/Retaining Employees

Job hunters have a lot of options to keep in mind as they consider their career options. Of course, they’re thinking about things like salary, benefits, and job responsibilities, but they’re also thinking about office spaces. A recent report from Continental Office found that 23% of people say physical environment affects their decision to stay with or leave an organization. Some design features are going to have an impact on general comfort and productivity, like lighting and furniture, but other features, like onsite fitness centers or convenience stores, can serve as very attractive benefits. When a person is trying to choose between job offers, a well-designed office may end up being a deciding factor for them.

You Feel Limited by Your Design

Your current office design probably worked out well for you at first. But as companies evolve over time, a design can eventually start to feel restrictive. Maybe an inflexible layout has made it hard for you to bring new employees on board. Or perhaps your storage needs have grown and now you’re having a hard time staying organized. Problems like these can have a negative impact on productivity, so it’s very important to make sure these problems are addressed so that your company can continue to grow.

You Avoid Having Meetings at Your Office

Would you prefer to have a conference call with a client rather than have them stop by your office for a meeting? Or if you need to interview new employees, would you rather meet them at the local coffee shop? If you’re actively avoiding having people see your offices, a redesign is absolutely worth considering. When your company is doing a lot of great work, you should have an office that you’re equally proud of.

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