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Boosting Your Commercial Building’s Appeal with Exterior Remodeling

Curb appeal isn’t just a concept that applies to residential homes, it also applies to commercial buildings. When clients, customers, and other visitors come to your office, they see your building’s exterior before they see any other part of your space. Even if people aren’t specifically coming to your business, passersby will still form impressions of your business based on its exterior appearance.

Remodeling a building’s exterior can have a lot of benefits, like attracting new customers or tenants and improving property values. If it’s time to start thinking about giving your building a new look, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help your building stand out from the crowd.


Since your building’s exterior is the first thing people see when they visit, it’s a good idea to look for ways it could reflect your brand. Signage is naturally going to get a lot of attention, so if your current signs are faded, damaged, or feature an outdated logo, make sure to replace them. Branded colors are another great thing to feature on a building’s exterior, which can be showcased within the facade design in many creative ways. Keep corporate colors in mind when choosing things like awnings or the colors of flowers, stones, and mulch used in landscaping.


Speaking of landscaping, it’s something worth making a priority in your exterior remodeling project. Well-maintained landscaping makes a great impression on anyone who visits or simply passes by your business. Not only does it improve the value of your building, it helps enhance the entire surrounding neighborhood. With careful planning, landscaping can even benefit the interior of the building since trees can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Facade Design

Opportunities are endless when it comes to facade design…siding, stone, large format tile and perforated metal panels just to name a few. The right material can help make a business stand out. Not only does it really grab the eye, it’s a great opportunity to reflect some of your company’s personality. For example, a tech company might like the sleek, modern look of metal panels, while wood siding might be more appealing for a company that sells outdoor products. Many products offer a wide variety of standard colors or accommodate custom colors to work your branding colors into the design.


As you have fun getting ideas for things like landscaping and the facade of your building, don’t forget about your walkways and parking lot. Over time, it’s common for pavement to get cracked and damaged, which not only detracts from the appearance of the building itself, but it can become a safety hazard. If your sidewalks and parking lot have seen better days, an exterior renovation project is a perfect time to have them replaced. Consider using accents of exposed aggregate and strategically placed expansion joints to embellish a standard concrete design.

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