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Things to Consider When Remodeling an Office Cafeteria

A well-designed cafeteria can be one of a company’s most valuable assets. From executives to interns, cafeterias help bring people together in the workplace. Even during lunch breaks, casual conversations in the cafeteria can help spark new ideas and build stronger relationships between the members of your team. A great cafeteria can also be very attractive to prospective employees who may be considering job opportunities at other companies.

If you find that your employees prefer to take their lunch breaks away from the office, remodeling your cafeteria can help make it a more engaging place to be and encourage people to stick around. When you’re in the early stages of planning a cafeteria remodeling project, here are a few things to keep in mind which will help make your new space a big hit.


Since cafeterias are such active areas, leaving a degree of flexibility in your layout is a very smart idea. Lightweight tables and chairs make it easy to rearrange your cafeteria to suit a wide variety of needs. Incorporating a variety of seating options can be another way to add some flexibility to a cafeteria. For example, you could include long tables to accommodate larger groups, smaller tables that are great for one-on-one conversations, and stools at a counter to give people a chance to be by themselves if they prefer.


What kind of atmosphere would you like your cafeteria to have? Relaxing and calming? Energizing and fun? The lighting you choose will be extremely helpful in creating the type of atmosphere you’re looking for. Bright lights are great for creating an energizing space while softer lights are better for relaxing. But if you have the chance to use natural lighting, that would be ideal since it works well for all atmosphere styles and helps improve employee wellness.  Considering light fixtures that are dimmable would also allow added flexibility if you want to use the space for presentations.


Cafeterias are one of the most visible parts of the office, which gives you an excellent opportunity to create an area that reflects your company’s branding and culture. Look for ways to incorporate your brand’s colors in your new cafeteria through accent paint, artwork, furniture, flooring, or maybe even the plates and drinkware you keep on hand.


The cafeteria is much more than a place to eat lunch or grab a cup of coffee. Now that it’s so easy to work from anywhere, many people take their laptops or tablets and head to cafeterias when they need a break from their desk or to have informal meetings with others. When planning to remodel a cafeteria, don’t forget to account for the fact that people might need to plug in their mobile devices. In addition to including ample wall outlets, consider furniture that includes built-in electrical outlets so that nobody has to search for a place to plug in.

Extra Touches

A cafeteria should be inviting by design, but is there anything else you’d like to add to make your cafeteria more active? Many companies like to add amenities in their cafeterias, such as air hockey tables, pool tables, and TVs.

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