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Incorporating Corporate Identity in Office Design

When you think of a sports team, what are some of the first things that come to mind? You probably think of their logo, mascot, or team colors, right? Even if you don’t work for the Detroit Tigers or Red Wings, it’s important to remember that your employees are a team and having an office that incorporates your corporate identity can be a very effective way to strengthen that message.

When designing to reflect brand identity in the office, one of the best places to start is by using your company logo and branded colors. Maybe you’d like a feature wall in your lobby with your company logo on it so that all your visitors will know exactly who works there. There’s lots of room to get creative with company colors, such as by using them as accent paint colors on walls or purchasing furniture with pops of the corporate color. Don’t forget about flooring! Carpeting and tile can also be a great opportunity to work in those branded colors.

But for many companies, their corporate identity is much more than just a logo or a color. They don’t just want to sell a product or service, they’re trying to sell a philosophy, an attitude, or a lifestyle. Logos and branded colors are absolutely a big part of a company’s image, but going overboard with them in the office can end up looking gimmicky. Instead, think of ways to incorporate some of those less tangible aspects of your brands identity. For example, let’s say a company sells products that support healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Including natural elements like wood and plants in their office would help reflect that philosophy. Adding a company fitness room would also be a way to help employees lead the kind of lifestyle the company promotes.

Another idea to consider is looking for ways to represent company achievements. If your team has won awards or earned any other types of recognition, go ahead and show them off. Hang up those plaques or display those trophies! Your employees work hard and will certainly appreciate seeing their efforts being recognized. They’ll also look very impressive to clients who stop by your office.

If you don’t have awards or achievements to display, why not look for creative ways to showcase what you sell? When you sell a product, there might be a way to work it into your design. Perhaps you could create a wall mural or other type of artwork to creatively display your product. Framed product photos or artistic renderings of products could also look great in an office. Imagine an office for an automotive manufacturer with framed blueprints hanging on the walls. Even if your company focuses on a service rather than a product, you might be able to make this idea work. For example, an event planning company might want to display photos of some of the events they’ve worked on. Think of this not only as office design, but also a sales tactic when talking to prospective clients and employees.

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