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Privacy pods line a wall in an office.

Top Office Design Trends for 2023

Remember the phrase “the new normal?” We all heard a lot of it when the pandemic first hit, but it’s a phrase that seems relevant again as we look ahead to some of the workplace design trends emerging for 2023. After a few years of upheaval, offices are starting to settle into trends that reflect the needs of a changed landscape. In some cases, trends that were popular before the pandemic remain popular, but have been given new meaning, while others are starting to move to the forefront. 

Various collaborative areas shown in an open office environment.Flexible, Open Designs

Even before the COVID pandemic hit, flexible office design had been a pretty consistent design trend. Pre-COVID, companies often liked the idea of open office layouts because they wanted the flexibility to reconfigure their spaces as the company grew and changed. But now that the concept of hybrid work has emerged in response to the pandemic, flexible spaces remain a major trend to help keep up with the demands of hybrid work. For example, groups of people may come into the office specifically to collaborate while others may come in to better concentrate on something they’re working on by themselves. Open layouts make it easy to create different types of spaces people can work in and make it easier for people to adapt areas to meet their needs.

A secluded meeting area in an office with a video monitor on the wall.Smart, Tech Driven Spaces

Smart technology is another trend that goes hand-in-hand with hybrid work. When people aren’t working in the office full time, many companies are introducing things like desk booking systems instead of having assigned workstations and room reservation systems that allow people to reserve the spaces they’ll need when they come into the office. This can also include spaces like “Zoom rooms,” booths, and meeting areas equipped with technology to support video calls and remote collaboration. 

Sofas and lounge chairs seen next to an office conference room.Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Design

When the time comes to redesign a space, many companies are choosing to make sustainability a priority. This can take many different forms, including choosing eco-friendly materials to use in a space, using energy-efficient lighting, and installing smart thermostats to control energy usage. Using vintage or repurposed items to decorate your space is another very popular option. 

Close-up of plants accents on a wood wall.Biophilic Design Remains Popular

Biophilic design is another workplace design trend that was popular before the pandemic and remains popular today. Biophilic design is a concept centered on the idea that feeling a connection to nature can be good for employee wellness. Some key characteristics of biophilic design include ample natural lighting, bringing plants and other natural materials into the office, and decorating with calming colors associated with nature, such as blue and green. 

Exercise bikes facing a tv.

Fun Features

We all need a little bit of a break sometimes. Work can be stressful and now that we have video call fatigue to contend with, many companies are embracing the idea of taking some time to destress during the day. In-office amenities like game rooms and fitness centers not only invite people to relax and socialize, they can give people an added incentive to come into the office rather than working from home. 

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