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Palette of the Month: July 2021

If our July 2021 Palette of the Month looks familiar, there’s a reason for that. Our October 2020 Palette of the Month was a sneak preview of a space we were working on for a returning client. Now that we’ve wrapped up work on that project, we wanted to revisit this palette and show you the finished product. 

This palette was created for Midwest Dermatology’s office in Warren, Michigan. This space hadn’t been touched in twenty years, so we worked to modernize their decor and create a sophisticated, spa-like atmosphere that leaves staff and clients alike feeling positive and uplifted. 

We accomplished this through a calming color palette, stacked wood accents to add warmth, a sleek quartz reception desk, and luxury vinyl tile for a homey aesthetic that’s also practical.

This palette features products from Momentum, Interface, Fashion Stacked Wood, Wilsonart, Sherwin Williams, and 3Form

Now that you see where we started, let’s take a look at how it all came together.

Love how we used this palette? Contact us and let us know. We’d love to create a space for you with a similar aesthetic. Or if you’re still looking for some inspiration for your new space, take a look at our past Palette of the Month entries for more ideas. We’ll be ready to help anytime you’re ready.