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Office game room featuring pool table and video games.

4 Reasons Why Fun is Important in the Workplace

When you’re about to start planning an office renovation, it makes sense to prioritize things that will directly help people be more productive. Perhaps this means new conference rooms, more collaborative spaces, or better support for technology. But as you work your way down your list of priorities for your new space, fun amenities like game rooms and fitness centers may be at the end. Maybe those types of things seem like they would be nice to have in your space, but you aren’t sure if they’re really worthwhile. 

While these types of features aren’t directly related to work, they still can bring a lot of value to a workplace. Here’s why. 

Workout equipment in a fitness room. Improved Employee Engagement

It’s hard to feel motivated to come into the office every day and do your best work when there isn’t anything to look forward to. Fun in the workplace helps brighten the day and give employee morale and engagement a healthy boost. When people are engaged with their office, they’re less likely to miss time at work, more likely to stay with a company, and generally be happier with their jobs. 

Having fun at work also gives people a chance to build interpersonal relationships and improve communication. Imagine the kinds of friendships that can be built over something like a game of ping-pong. Not only does this also help further improve engagement, it helps improve the quality of work they do. It also gives people a chance to get to know colleagues who work in different departments and might not get to directly work together during the day. 

Foosball table and other games in a game room.Attracting New Talent

Good employees can be hard to find. And when people are looking for a new job, they’re not just thinking about how much they’ll be paid or the other types of benefits a company has to offer, they’re often thinking about the types of spaces they’ll be working in. Since people crave engaging environments, a fun office space can be a deciding factor for people trying to decide whether or not they want to work for a company — especially if they see that other people who work there are happy and engaged with their jobs. 

Golf simulator in office game room. Sparking Creative Thinking

Even the most focused person in an office can benefit from being able to have a little bit of fun during the workday. Taking time for fun gives people a chance to get away from their desk and put their minds at ease for a little while. Sometimes, this is exactly what people need to spark new ideas or find solutions to problems they’ve been trying to solve. 

Office exercise room.Improved Productivity

Yes, it’s true: having fun at work doesn’t necessarily have to mean a loss of productivity! Actually, it can help people be more productive. Since fun in the workplace is linked to higher levels of employee morale, engagement, and creative thinking, it all comes together to help people get more things done during the day. 

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