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Easy Ways to Revamp Your Office This Summer

Your office design should represent the values in which your organization was founded on. Being in your office space should feel like an extension of your businesses brand and should allow your team and clients to feel fully immersed in your values. The last thing you want is for people to walk into your space and get a bad first impression because your design is in need of a facelift. As we enter the season where we see more out of office notifications on the calendar than business meetings, consider using this time to update your space and incorporate your brand into your office design.

Almost every company has a set of visual symbols that are specific to its brand that are now being used to create custom-made art pieces to convey the brand and its values into the space’s aesthetic. These symbols along with other corporate imagery are increasingly being used to enhance a brand’s credibility and authority among its clients and staff.

Using customized art pieces that expertly incorporate your logos and corporate colors, as well as images of your organization to tell a story about your company throughout the years. Doing this ultimately helps in branding your work environment and evoking a sort of feeling of nostalgia.

Another way to incorporate custom artwork is to communicate your company’s ideas, mission, achievements and core values. Helping remind both your clients and your employees what you as an organization strive to achieve each and every day.

While adding artwork to brighten up a space is nothing new, its positive effects on employee productivity, satisfaction, and the overall experience have been attributed to the presence of artwork. A workplace study published by Business Committee for the Arts, Inc. (BCA) and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors (IAPAA) suggested that 78% of people noted how art in the workplace helped reduce stress, while another 64% said how its presence increased creativity and productivity.

Today, this type of artwork refers to more than just a framed piece that’s hung up on the wall. Now businesses have begun to seek art in the form of large-scale graphics on printed canvases, custom wall decals and even hand painted pieces to incorporate new designs into their space like the image below.

Looking for ways to incorporate artwork in to your office? Visit our portfolio for additional inspiration.