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Designed for Brainstorming and Creativity, a Behind the Scenes look at the Creation of StartUpNation

The project started in the raw vacant space discussing the overall vision, much like the actual work that happens every day at StartUpNation. As the name states, StartUpNation is for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. This space allows them to work freely in an open, collaborative environment to help start, grow, and manage their business – so the design needed to complement everything they stood for.

As a result, the raw vacant space quickly began to adapt to this open workspace in the form of a loft type layout. This included very minimal offices, and focused more on public work stations, sofas, collaborative areas, and four “huddle rooms” designated for private meetings. Ultimately creating a cohesive work environment for one group to work with another easily, establishing the opportune space for creative collaboration built around brainstorming and creativity.

In addition to the various startup companies, StartUpNation represents multiple music sources, including the well-known FanLabel; creating the challenge of designing an in-house recording studio that met the needs and aesthetic of various clients while flowing with the rest of the space.

Graffiti elements were utilized to pull the different areas of the space together. These finishing touches came from Detroit Artist, Kyle Danley, who provided graffiti art in collaboration with StartUpNation. The different artistic pieces throughout the building have one common element, featuring imagery of visionaries and innovative creators.

A key strategy for this project was using Michigan based resources, from recycled and reclaimed products to locally sourced organizations resulting in a mix of classic design and reclaimed rustic materials offering a unique environment. To embrace this concept, featured in the main space is a custom reclaimed wood and I-beam table made by a local Detroit artist.

Standout design features also include:

  • Raw concrete floors
  • Wood beams with glass walls mounted below
  • Earthy carpeting that mimics pebbles
  • Stacked reclaimed wood walls

Resulting in an open, modern workplace that provides a warm, inviting, and comfortable vibe.

By the nature of the design, the loft space has to be adaptable for large crowds. A focal point of the design is an open area for entertaining as well as small scale meetings – with furnishings for any type of meeting or event. The large community table making its way down the middle of the space is ideal for team meetings. Other features built into the design include two fully furnished outdoor balconies facing Woodward, a full-service catering kitchen as well as a wet bar.

StartUpNation is available to rent out for fundraising and charity events.

Company: StartupNation

Project Type: Interior Design

Completed By: Hilary Bell