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5 Tricks to Turn Your Office Ceiling into a Statement

The ceiling is often the most overlooked surface in a room. It’s just that element that hides the HVAC, electrical work, miscellaneous cords, etc. However, if you think about it, your ceiling is the one part of your space that provides you with endless possibilities to truly make a statement. In a traditional office environment, the fifth wall, or the ceiling, is traditionally a lay-in ceiling tile system. Rather than letting this extra space blend into the background consider some of these trends to create a space that makes a statement:


Exposed Ceilings

A leading design feature in today’s workplace is the industrial look, seen through the use of exposed ceilings. This consists of a sort of warehouse like, stripped-down aesthetic, where the bones of the room are highlighted as key features. Opening up the ceiling requires additional thought on how to handle the typically unimpressive HVAC ducts, sprinklers, and other conduit and piping traveling from one point to another above the ceiling, but the outcome can be eye catching if done correctly.

Bold Statement Colors

The simplest way to make a statement is to add accent paint that is bold. You can choose to use this as a point of contrast with bright and vibrant colors, or you can choose a color that matches accent walls or elements of the chosen décor. Adding color to your fifth wall is typically applied onto hard surfaces such as a soffit, drywall ceiling, or applied accent such as our example below.


A wallpapered ceiling allows you to add personality and a little bit of art to your space. These can be anything from geometric patterns and textured graphics to a skyline view or an outdoorsy appearance, the possibilities are endless. For the best results, you will want to apply the wall covering to a smooth, hard surface.

Architectural Elements

Incorporate a design that has hanging fixtures or custom pieces that do not lay flush with the ceiling to create a statement that pops, literally. Other ideas include floor to ceiling designs such as graffiti, wood elements or custom floating light fixtures.


Lighting plays a big role in the type of statement your space makes. It not only serves as a basic function, but different fixture designs, bulb shapes and lighting colors can impact the look and feel of your office space.

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