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Design Inspiration: Office Common Areas

At any given time, an office building can be home to many different businesses in a wide range of industries. The people who work at these companies might not have an opportunity to directly work together, but common areas can help bring them together and give them a chance to socialize.

Beautiful common areas can also be attractive amenities to businesses who are looking for a new office space. If you’re looking to make your office complex more appealing to new tenants, renovating your common areas is certainly an idea worth considering. Take a look at some of these common areas, which were created in partnership with Davis & Davis, to get some design inspiration.

Onyx lobby with blue benches, trees lining the hallways, patterned carpeting, and bright lighting

A well-designed common area can be a very effective way to leave visitors with a great first impression of your building. Visitors to the Onyx Office Building are greeted by this bright, open lobby area with a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Whether a person is waiting for an appointment or needs to take a break from the office for a little while, the peaceful blue seating and plantlife helps people take a moment to escape the stresses of their day.

Biophilic design has been a major office design trend in recent years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Research has shown that biophilic design can help people be less stressed and more productive at work and this space at the Arboretum Office Park is a great example of how biophilic design can be used in a common area. Blue and green are both natural colors that are known for having relaxing and rejuvenating effects on people and are prominently featured in the design. The plants, wood flooring, and stone border add more natural elements that help make the space more inviting.

Natural light has become an extremely valuable commodity in the workplace and this common area helps make sure everyone in the building has access to it as they come and go throughout the day. If people need to take a break from their desk, this common area gives people a nice place to walk around in without having to leave the building.

This space, found at the Mars Corporate Center, is another great example of how biophilic design can be used in a common area. Not only does it have lots of plants, it also includes a peaceful water feature as a central focal point. With lots of benches and other chairs around the area, it’s easy for people to take some time to truly enjoy the space when they’re feeling stressed.

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