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Office Inspiration: Cafeterias

Food always has a way of uniting people. Everybody needs to take some time to eat during the day and a cafeteria helps bring people together who might not necessarily have a chance to work directly with each other. As people get into conversations during their lunch breaks, it gives them an opportunity to get to know each other and build relationships in a way that feels much more natural than any kind of planned teambuilding activity.

But to make the most of that opportunity, there needs to be an incentive for people to spend their lunch breaks in the office. If there are a lot of restaurants in the area, it can be very easy to head elsewhere for lunch, but a well-designed office cafeteria can help encourage people to stick around. Could your cafeteria use a new look? Here are a few spaces to provide you with a little design inspiration.

office cafeteria space with tables surrounded by red and gray chairs

If building a sense of community among your employees is a high priority for you, consider bringing your company’s branding into your design. Including branding in your office design is a great way to reinforce the idea that everybody working at a company is part of a team. Branded design doesn’t necessarily have to mean putting your logo everywhere. This cafeteria is a great example of how to work in branded colors in a natural way.

When food is available on site, people have an even better reason to stay around during lunch. This cafeteria, with a warm, comfortable atmosphere, makes it easier for people to find time for lunch even on their busiest days. Not only is food served on site, people can easily pick up some snacks and drinks to enjoy without having to head out to the nearest grocery or convenience store.

cafeteria with large white tables, green stools, bright lighting, and patterned carpet with grays and blues
Design Credit: Joint Collaboration with Davis & Davis Interior Design

By the time it’s time to have lunch, most people need a little extra energy. This bright, open café has an atmosphere that can give people the boost they need — no caffeine necessary. The plants and other shades of green bring a touch of biophilic design and help people relax, recharge, and put their stresses behind them for a while.

cafeteria with an open wall that has trees and other plant life as natural elements
Design Credit: Davis & Davis Interior Design

Here’s another bright, open design we love. Part of the Arboretum Office Park project, this café area includes an area with additional seating just outside of the main cafeteria. With lots of natural light, plantlife, and an elegant design, the relaxing atmosphere of this café offers a very comfortable retreat in the middle of a busy work day.

If you’re considering redesigning your office cafeteria, contact Premier Construction & Design. With decades of experience renovating commercial properties in the Metro Detroit area, we’ve designed and built a lot of cafeterias. Check out our portfolio to see more examples of other cafeterias we’ve worked on.