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Office Inspiration: Elevator Lobbies

When you work in a multi-floor building, elevator lobbies inevitably see a lot of activity as employees and visitors come and go throughout the day. And since elevator lobbies are natural extensions of main lobby areas and other areas of the building, even people who like to take the stairs every day can’t help but notice the design of an elevator lobby.

With all the attention that elevator lobbies receive, it’s important to be sure they’re designed to make a strong impression on anyone who comes through your building. Need a little design inspiration? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Project: Village Green

Design Details

An elevator lobby should flow into its surroundings, whether it be from the main building lobby on the 1st floor or into a full floor users’ space on another level. Carrying design elements from the surrounding environment into the elevator lobby helps create a very cohesive look for the space. This elevator lobby picks up on some design elements prominently featured in the office next to it, like the porcelain tile which extends from the elevator lobby into the reception area and through to the office’s main conference room. Wood accents are another major part of the office’s design, which can also be seen here on the ceiling and framing the elevator doors.

Project: Raleigh Officentre


A directory is an important feature to include within or near a first floor elevator lobby. The current trend is to install digital directories that allow information to easily be updated as needed. No more replacing panels as tenants move in or out! Now this is a simple update that carries no added cost after the initial install. These directories are highly customizable and can be also used to display other information visitors might appreciate, such as weather, news, and nearby restaurant locations.

Project: 5505 Corporate Drive

Reception / Security Desk

A personal greeting is always a nice way to enter a new building. Having a desk in the lobby of a building serves a dual purpose. It’s an information hub for those needing direction or have other questions, but it also provides security. Every building has different needs, but these desks should not be an afterthought if the budget allows. They can be as much of a focal point as a light fixture or accent wall.


It’s easy for visitors to get turned around or lost in an unfamiliar building, especially when certain elements all look the same. Traditional wayfinding signs are always great to have, but adding a pop of color to a design feature can make a space come alive while making it easier to get around. A company can help guide a visitor to their space by highlighting elements as they walk through the building.

Is it time for you to take your elevator lobby to the next level? Contact Premier Construction & Design. Our team has designed and built many elevator lobbies for commercial properties in the Metro Detroit area and we’d love to work with you. Take a look at our portfolio to see more examples of our work, or find some more office design inspiration.