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Office Inspiration: Conference Rooms

For companies big and small, meetings are an essential part of business operations. According to AskCody, there are about 11 million meetings every day in the United States alone. It’s estimated that middle-level managers spend about 35% of their time each day in meetings, and that number is even higher for those in upper management. With all the time spent in meetings, it’s important to make sure that time is as meaningful as possible.

Meetings shouldn’t have to be something to dread. A well-designed conference room not only helps make meetings more productive, but more enjoyable. If your conference room isn’t as inspiring as you’d like it to be, here are some conference room examples to give you some design ideas.

Conference rooms often have a reputation for being cold and imposing spaces, but this conference room shows how welcoming they really can be. The color green is often associated with calming, restorative environments, so the green accent wall helps put people at ease during meetings. Lighting and furniture selections are key to a successful conference room. This space provides flexibility with its furniture layout by utilizing training tables that can be reconfigured depending on the meeting type. We recommend providing several types of lighting solutions that are dimmable and on different switches to have ultimate control.

This conference room is a great example of industrial chic design. The exposed ceiling and exposed light bulbs bring an industrial influence to the space while the furniture and flooring are both very on-trend. Providing writing surfaces, like this example, is a perk when your meetings require brainstorming sessions. To minimize trip hazards, it is worth considering floor cores and furniture that incorporates power and data to allow a spot to plug in for longer meetings without cords hanging from the walls.

Natural light is very valuable in workplaces because of the positive effect it can have on things like creativity and learning, both of which are extremely important for productive meetings. With so many windows, not only will this conference room have plenty of natural light, the glass walls help that natural light extend into other parts of the office.

Exposed ceilings are a major office design trend right now and we love the one in this conference room. The industrial influence helps make the space feel less rigid and formal. Not only does the room have enough seating to accommodate large groups and a spacious table, the countertop seen on the left side of the picture provides an extra surface to work or bring food in for lunch meetings.

Ready to upgrade your conference room? Premier Construction & Design has designed and built lots of conference rooms for companies in the Metro Detroit area and we’d be glad to learn more about your project. Check out our portfolio and case studies to see more examples, then contact us to find out how we can help you.