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Office Design Trends: The Future of Workstations

No matter how much offices change over time, desks will always be a mainstay of the workplace. Technology has helped change the way we work, but people will always need surfaces to work on. However, the way people use their desks is also changing. Here are five big desk-related trends that have been on the rise.

Unassigned Desks

For many people, one of the first things they do on their first day working with a company is find out where their assigned desk is. But for a lot of companies, doing away with the concept of assigned desks is more practical. Since mobile technology has made it easier for people to move around the office during the day, more work is being done away from desks. And now that telecommuting is becoming more popular, having assigned desks can leave a lot of space around the office going underutilized. Instead, companies are providing desks and a variety of other settings around the office for people to use as desired.

Desk Hoteling

In some offices without assigned desks, desks are available on a first come, first serve basis, but other offices use a concept known as “desk hoteling.” With desk hoteling, people are able to reserve a specific workstation for a set amount of time. This system allows for the flexibility of unassigned seating, but helps make sure everyone is able to have access to the environments they need. For example, if a group needs to get together and collaborate on a project, they can simply reserve a space large enough to accommodate everyone.

On Your Feet

In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward improving wellness in the workplace and a big part of that has been reducing the amount of time people spend sitting. This has helped make standing height desks a more common sight in offices around the world. Since not everyone can spend a full day on their feet, adjustable height desks are another popular option since they give people the option to sit down as needed. Some companies are even bringing treadmill desks into their offices so that people can stay active while they work.

In addition to standing height desks, active seating options are another growing trend in the workplace. Using things like balance balls instead of traditional desk chairs can help engage muscles and encourage activity even while working in place.

Integration With Technology

Changes in technology have changed the way we use furniture and it’s important that office furniture and technology are able to work with each other. Older desks don’t always accommodate cables and wires very easily, but now desks are increasingly being designed with a focus on cord control. But as wireless charging technology becomes more common, the need for cord control could eventually become a thing of the past as wireless charging pads become the next big thing.


For a very long time, if people didn’t have private offices, they either had a cubicle or individual desk. But for companies that are looking for ways to use their space more efficiently, benching systems are an increasingly popular option. Benching systems are basically long worksurfaces that are shared by multiple people. This can help create extra room in the office since there’s no longer a need to leave space between individual workstations. Although many benching systems have optional partitions which can be added between workspaces, they can still be less expensive than cubicle systems since there’s no need to purchase full-size divider walls. The modular nature of benching systems has also helped make them an appealing option for growing companies since they can easily adapt to changing needs.

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