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Office Inspiration: Lobbies

Whether you’re an employee of a company or you’re just visiting a company’s offices, lobbies play a significant role in the time you spend there. When a visitor arrives, the lobby is where they get their first impressions of your offices. For employees, the lobby is the first thing they see when they arrive and the last thing they see before they leave each day, giving lobbies the power to effectively set the tone for the rest of the day and the kind of note they leave on.

Few areas of the office are able to make the kind of impact that lobbies do so it’s important to make sure they’re being used to their full potential. If it’s time to consider remodeling your lobby, we have a few ideas to help you get inspired.

Large, open lobbies offer a lot of opportunities to get creative and make a big visual impact right off the bat. There’s nothing quite like being able to open a door and walk into a space and immediately be wowed by what you see. In this lobby space, we installed flooring that makes a statement. Whether you’re just walking into the building or are looking down at the lobby from a higher level, this lobby makes a strong impression from all angles.

lobby at North American Lighting featuring sofas and coffee tables for visitors waiting and some group workstations

Lobbies can be much more than just a waiting area. Now that it’s so easy to work from anywhere, people often like to take their laptops and spend some time working away from their desks. Why not take advantage of this fact and turn your lobby into a destination for people to work in? In this lobby, we used sofas, chairs, and tables to create a space that’s comfortable whether you’re waiting for an interview or just need a break from your desk. We also created other areas around the lobby that are perfect for groups to get together and work on projects.

Onyx lobby with blue benches, trees lining the hallways, patterned carpeting, and bright lighting

Sometimes, you need to feel like you’re getting away from it all. With its plantlife and frosted glass walls, this lobby offers a nice retreat without having to actually leave the building. It’s a nice, relaxing space to spend some time before a meeting or interview or anytime you just need a few minutes of quiet away from the rest of the office.

Lobby of Village Green with natural wood tones and light surfaces, as well as a wood feature wall showcasing company awards

Since lobbies are so important in creating a first impression of your office and your business, incorporating branding in your design is an excellent idea. We love this feature wall showcasing the company logo. The soft colors, natural wood tones, and comfortable furniture all create a comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, which is perfectly appropriate for an apartment company.

Have some ideas for your new lobby? Contact us. We’ve been working with businesses in the Metro Detroit area to transform their lobbies since 1987 and we’d be excited to work with you. Browse our portfolio and case studies to see more examples of the spaces we’ve worked on.