Sun Communities

About this Project

The Sun Communities Research Center was a 74,000 square foot traditional office building, segmented into varies suites from previous occupants.  The Premier Construction & Design team took the vacant building and utilized the shell to revitalize the vacant property, which also required a portion of the roof to be raised to accommodate the structures that would be displayed.   


Among other things, Sun Communities is known for its Glamping Communities – glamourous camping.  This facility showcases tents and structures from varies manufacturers for the owner and shareholders to see without traveling around the world, as numerous of the tents are from other countries.  As new properties are being developed, the team can touch and feel options that could be purchased for the sites.


The owner wanted this space to feel like you were outdoors.  This was reflected in numerous nature themed wall graphics, fire feature with pergola and Adirondack chairs, as well as artificial landscaping throughout.   To add to the theatrics’, lighting and speakers were installed to allow for manipulation of lighting and sounds segmented in zones, creating different scenes as you moved throughout the space.

Southfield, MI