About this Project

This project is an incredible example of the value add Integrated Design provides over a traditional Design/Build format! Not only did this approach fully develop this project from concept to final product, it also helped clearly identify project challenges, establish budgets, and set schedule expectations early-on in the design process. This was achieved by looking at the design process holistically, which included not only input from Premier’s design team and the owner early in the design process, but also contractors, operators, and multiple specialists.

More than the typical grocery store, this project combines grocery, deli, bakery, restaurant, and meat processing/packaging activities all under one roof! At approximately 35,000 square feet total floor space, this project includes nearly 12,000 square feet of walk-in coolers, including approximately 4,000 square feet of walk-in retail cooler space, and 6,000 square feet of commercial kitchen, deli and bakery spaces. Because of this unique combination of services offered at the same market, the entire design and construction process was subject to approval and oversight by the State Department of Agriculture, rather than the local health department. Thanks to our solid team of designers, specialists and contractors, approvals were achieved without any issues, delays or re-inspections!

For the customer, the spaces flow seamlessly from one to the next. Finishes including open ceilings, over twenty different and unique light fixtures, sealed and epoxied concrete floors, and well placed signage/wayfinding make the space unique, inviting, and easy to navigate. Not just limited to the interior finishes, the attention to detail extends behind the scenes as well. From new management offices, backstock and break spaces, to an entirely new infrastructure including water, gas, sanitary, solid waste interceptors, grease collection, electrical, and heating/cooling/refrigerant systems, every aspect of this project was designed and constructed to maximize efficient day to day operations.

This project is truly a shining example of how an Integrated Design approach assures complex projects get off of the ground successfully! By clearly identifying budgets, schedules, potential problems, and establishing key stakeholder relationships early on, anything can be accomplished!