Izakaya Restaurant

About the Project

“Izakaya” is the term the Japanese use for a local pub or bar. Just as their western counterparts, Izakaya’s provide a place to stop by after work to have a few drinks and appetizers in a casual atmosphere. When a revered Japanese Izakaya looked to expand their unique style of Izakaya’s to the United States, they chose Premier to Design and Build their first US location in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood.

From day one, Premier worked tirelessly to design and build a space that kept the feel of the traditional Japanese Izakaya. To achieve this, we closely collaborated with the Ownership team to establish a design that was unique, yet consistent with their locations in Japan and China, and then created solutions for any elements that were in conflict with code requirements. To construct the space, we used a team of highly skilled woodworkers and craftsmen to create an environment that included bar-side cooking/grilling, live edge wood bar tops, raised tatami style seating platform, rustic booth seating, custom made tables and bench seating, traditional lighting, and even traditional Japanese bathrooms.

While the public face of the Izakaya was more of a traditional feel, the back of house was designed to maximize its space, and equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure to allow for efficient operation. This included a fully networked pos/ordering system, effective layout of storage, prep, cook, and intake areas, food grade/wash down ceiling, wall and floor assemblies, as well as high efficiency cook hood assemblies with conditioned make up air systems.