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Office cafe with a black, industrial-style open ceiling.

Bringing Industrial Style to Your Office

When you think about the general aesthetic of your perfect office, how would you describe that style? Is your company more formal and traditional? Casual and comfortable? Hip and modern? For companies that want their offices to have a cool, urban, edgy vibe, industrial style is a popular choice of office design. 


Industrial style is a type of decor that evokes the feeling of being in an old warehouse or factory. It’s a bit rugged, but not too unfinished. It has some vintage charm, but with a distinctly modern edge to it. Through adaptive reuse projects, many companies have offices located in spaces that actually once were factories or warehouses and have opted for industrial style as a way to embrace the building’s history and character. But you don’t necessarily need to be located in a repurposed industrial location to have this aesthetic. Here’s how you can bring a bit of industrial style to your space.

Office break room with an exposed ceiling with visible ductwork. Exposed Ceilings

Open ceilings are a classic component of industrial office style, allowing beams, pipes, and ductwork to become decorative features in the space. We love a great exposed ceiling, but if you’re thinking about having an exposed ceiling to your space, there are some important things to keep in mind before making the commitment. For example, an exposed ceiling can amplify the sounds of people talking and moving around the space, as well as ambient noise from your HVAC system, so it’s important to make sure you include acoustic solutions to keep noise levels under control. 

Office lounge area with both natural lighting and Edison style lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. Lighting

Big windows that let in lots of natural light are another classic component of industrial design. Not only does the ample natural light help the space feel more open and airy, it helps people be more productive and supports employee wellness.

In addition to natural light, exposed Edison light bulbs are a classic element of industrial style. These bulbs look great when used alone or grouped together in lighting fixtures. Just remember that Edison bulbs have lower brightness levels than standard light bulbs so it’s important to make sure there are other artificial lighting options available if people need extra light while they work. 

Private office with exposed brick walls. Durable Materials

Spaces like factories and warehouses are built to support very demanding processes, so they’re naturally going to use a lot of materials that are built to last, such as concrete and brick. If you love the industrial look, things like exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and metallic accents are all things that will help you bring that style to your space. 

Office lounge area in an industrial-style office with vintage garage doors displayed on a wall. Repurposed Decor

Industrial style is all about bringing new life to old spaces, so the idea of using repurposed items for decor is a great way to embrace that spirit. For example, while working on our 42 Watson Street project, we were able to reuse original vintage materials like wooden carriage doors and lighting elements in the renovated space. Other ideas include tables made with reclaimed wood or art made with scrap metal.

Love the idea of bringing industrial style to your office? Premier Construction & Design can help make sure your project is a success. Take a look at our portfolio to see examples of some of the projects we’ve worked on. When you’re ready to get started, contact us so that we can learn more about your project.